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  • Working out at 5AM – why should you?
    Working out at 5AM – why should you?

    I have always been sport enthusiast throughout my life. Have practice a wide range of different sports as not only to stay in shape though to also challenge myself. As I grew older and took on different responsibilities (i.e. full time job, family and so on), it became difficult to “find time” (often used as an excuse) to work-out…until..

    …I had the idea to make use of a time [5-7am] where there is nothing but the work-out (CrossFit / Strongman) itself to focus on. It quickly became a daily habit that has helped me to keep stress at bay, stay in shape and continuously challenge myself. Moreover, ended up making great friends / work-out partners and that is one of the key factors for success.

    Sure, it means few hours less of sleep though the rewards are worth it. Trust me on this one.

    If all of that was not enough, when not everything works out as planned during my day, I can proudly look back at that one thing (first achievement of the day) that I did earlier in the day.

    It is not easy though what does not challenge you, does not change you! Keep in mind: “Everyone wants to go to heaven though nobody wants to die to get there”

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